Travelling Guide Series

Hey guys! This is another post in the travelling guide series.


What to eat? 


  • Family-run cafe
  • Small portions
  • Sitting down
  • Taking your time
  • Healthy
  • Drink lots of water
  • Oatmeal
  • Granola


  • Buy food from farmers markets
  • Picnic
  • Granola Bars(small snacks)
  • Salad
  • Wraps


  • Pack your own meal
  • Cute, small restaurant
  • Pizza, Burritos
  • Pasta, sandwiches, baguettes


  • Veggies and Dip
  • Bean salad
  • Banana chips, nuts, nut mix
  • Fruit
  • Hummus and crackers


-Peace out!



Travelling Guide Series

Where to go? Europe?

I personally love traveling, and especially in Europe. The lifestyle, the people, the food, and the environment, add to the beauty of Europe.

Where should you go in Europe?

  1. ITALY!!! More specifically Rome. I have not gone but have been dreaming to go. With the food, the art, the culture, and the architecture, who wouldn’t want to go?
  2. Portugal(Where I went this summer). First of all, if you are a photographer, the pictures you can take there are limitless! The scenery offers a wonderful destination for travelers. The cities, villages, and beaches are just a few of the wonderful things Portugal has to offer.
  3. PARIS, FRANCE! Yes, everyone knows that Paris is a place that you MUST visit within your lifetime. But something most people don’t know is that after you have visited Paris, the big city, with the big crowds you should go and explore the small villages. The small towns, and fewer crowds, and cute little restaurants offer much more than what the big cities can ever offer.
  4. Another great destination is GREECE! Another destination that I have always wanted to go to. When I imagine Greece, I picture islands, beaches, and summer! How can anybody not want that? The wonderful ancient cities, beaches, ancient ruins. blue skies and the majestic landscapes are things you cannot miss.

-Thanks for reading!

Travel Diary of Turkey and Travelling Guide Series

Hey, guys, so long story short, during my time in Istanbul(where I saw my cousins and aunts) I was sick. I got some sort of infection, and it affected me the entire 5 days. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get the most out my trip there because of my sickness. But when I went to Antalya(to see my grandparents) I was better. And was able to swim, and enjoy. We stayed there for 7 nights, and it was hot the ENTIRE TIME! I am usually used to Antalya being hot since Turkey is on average a hot country. But every day was 45 degrees or more and had over 95% humidity. But who am I to complain when I live in Canada?

So here is the start of my Travelling Guide Series. Comment other posts you guys would like.

How to pack lighter>>> Do you really need that??

First of all, why should you pack lighter? Well, it benefits you, your health and lets you enjoy your trip! You have less back pain, it’s easier to move around and drag around your luggage if your luggage gets lost you have less to replace. And if even these reasons aren’t enough, you will feel better overall and will be able to fully enjoy your surrounding and focus on your vacation, not your luggage.

  1. Only take what you need! Nobody can stress this enough, don’t make excuses saying you might need this, and that. “If in doubt, leave it out” You most likely will not! “
  2. Weigh your luggage.
  3. If you love reading(like me) and want to bring books, the best thing is to bring an e-reader. They can hold thousands of books and weigh light.
  4. Choose the right shoes; comfortable, depending on where you are going and what you are doing.
  5. On the plane, wear your loosest and heaviest clothes. This will keep you warm on the plane and save space in your luggage.
  6. Roll your clothing, socks, and stack them at the bottom. You should also pack your socks inside your shoes to save space.
  7. Don’t take all your toiletries. You can pick up toiletries and cosmetics at your destination
  8. Similar to the first point, pack by the outfit. What will you wear that with? This will help you eliminate pointless clothing articles that you won’t wear.
  9. Bring a smaller bag, this way you won’t over pack since you will have a limit.
  10. Swap larger items for smaller ones. Such as bringing a tablet instead of a computer. Or a comb instead of a hairbrush.


-Peace out!


Travel Diary Part 6 and 8

Hey, guys, its time for another travel diary post! Keep reading! Make sure to comment what other posts I should do.  Also, I realized I accidentally skipped Day 6, so here it is(whoops)!

Day 6.  8/12/17

Today I woke up at around 9:00 am, and then I wore my purple volleyball shirt, jean shorts, running shoes(have to be comfortable), and a choker.  Durning a trip, especially if you are exploring, a comfortable outfit is a must. After that, we had breakfast at a cute family-run cafe. We then walked along the river, crossed the bridge and went on a boat tour. The boat tour lasted 50 minutes, and we learned about the 7 bridges. Unfortunately, the sun was burning and I could barely concentrate to the woman speaking. Although it was hot, I still learned a lot. Since my entire family was suffering just like I was, we decided there was no use in pointlessly wondering around in the heat. So we returned back to the apartment to relax. After about two hours of doing math, homework and cooling down, we left the apartment once again. We walked around, explored and had dinner. I had the famous Portuguese burger, and it was DELICIOUS!(I now understand why it is so well known.) We then headed back to the apartment, and I looked over the photos I had taken so far. Porto was absolutely amazing! Not just the scenery, but the lifestyle and the people. I love Porto(except for the fact that it is hot)

Peace Porto! I wonder what Turkey will bring?


Day 8     8/14/17(Last full day in Barcelona)

Today I woke up at 9:04(yes I know, exact). I got ready as soon as I could since I was STARVING! Breakfast was wonderful as always, and this time we had it at our own apartment. We had cheese, croissants, tomatoes, olives, and butter/jam. I then did my math(noooo) and we then left the apartment. After that, we headed towards the bus stop, but unfortunately, the bus was late. We had to wait 20-30 minutes in the BURNING HOT SUN! After we got off the bus we went to a potato place. Yes, you read correctly… a POTATO PLACE! My very healthy mother was bringing us to a potato place? What forces in the universe shifted? Before we head out to the potato place we visited a smoothie shop. If you didn’t already know I  SMOOTHIES. After that, we tried and failed to find the potato place. It was very disappointing, but I got over it. (The universe went back to normal) Soon after, we walked to a shopping mall to look for a place to eat. But the shopping mall only had fast food places, and coming to Barcelona none of us wanted to eat at Burger King. Then we hopped on a bus and looked for a place to eat. Long story short, the rest of the day I took photos and explored more.
Thanks for visiting! Make sure to comment on what posts you would like to see!

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Travel Diary Part 7 and bonus✌️

Heyy! Today I will be telling you guys about my sixth day on my Europe trip, and a little bonus post at the end! Keep reading for more!

Day 7   8/12/17

Today I woke happily woke up from a great sleep and was ready for another big day. As soon as I woke, my parents rushed me to rapidly pack since we were leaving for Barcelona. Although I was quite sad on leaving Porto, Portugal I couldn’t wait to see what Barcelona would bring! At around 9:00 am, we then left the apartment(without our luggage) to go eat breakfast.  We then headed over to the same cafe we had had breakfast at yesterday. Unfortunately, the service was very exceptionally poor, and the family that runs the cafe had some personal issues going on. After a not very delightful breakfast, we headed back to our apartment to grab our suitcases and go to the airport. We arrived at the airplane terminal 30 short minutes later and ate after we passed security two hours later. We then loaded onto the plane and headed off to Barcelona, Spain! Arriving in Barcelona four hours later, we were all tired but pushed through. We took the metro to our condo and finally found it after a little adventure(off looking). After that long day, a nice hot meal was music to my ears, and I was overjoyed when that is what we did.


Hey guys, down below are a few of my ideas for future blog posts about travel. I am planning on calling them the “Travelling Guide Series” . Make sure to come check out my future posts!

  1. How to pack lightly
  2. Where to go
  3. What to eat
  4. How to dress
  5. How to fully enjoy your trip(how to get the most out of it)
  6. Where to go in Europe
  7. Differenced between North American lifestyle vs. European.
  8. My future? Europe?
  9. Shopping list
  10. How to save money
  11. QUIZ >>> What type of a traveller are you?>>>Country, Camping, Europe, City, Backpacking
  12. What to do on the plane>>>> Have trouble sleeping? Read? Watch? Stretch your legs?

That is it for today! Thank you for checking out my blog! More to come!


peace out✌️

Travel Diary Part 4 and 5

Hey guysss! Today we are doing Day 4 and Day 5

Day 4

Okay guys, sooo today was a VERY busy day and I might have forgotten to write stuff down.. teehee. So we are just going to skip this day.

Day 5

Today we leave for Lisbon :((I don’t want to leave, but at the same time I am SOOO excited for Porto). So we woke up at 9:00, and had breakfast at a cute little cafe. Then we went to the trains station and boarded the 3 hour train ride. On the train… I read, ate and slept! Yay I am productive(just kidding). I read the 1000th floor by @katharinemcgee . The book review is coming sooonnn!! I then bought a cute shirt and a choker once we arrived. After that, we headed over to the apartment to settle in. After we unpacked, we headed down to the river, ate and looked at shops and walked around. We then found out that there was a really old and famous bookstore nearby so we decided to go check it out. Unfortunately(knowing my luck..) the bookstore was closed for the day and we also needed tickets to go in. So we explored some more, and took TONS of pictures. Finally after a long day, we went back to the apartment at around 10 pm. The plan for tomorrow is going on a boat tour to visit the seven bridges in Porto, Portugal. We will also be tasting Porto’s famous wine(well I won’t be tasting it..) and looking at MORE shops! See you later!!!




Peace out✌️

Travel Diary Part 3


Hey guy its Erin! Enjoy Part 3 of my trip to Europe over the summer.


Day 3    8/8/17

Good morning! Today we are switching hotels, even though we are staying in the same area. Today I am wearing jean shorts, running shoes and a blue tank top. I am also bringing along the new bag I bought yesterday(from Pardon; an accessory shop in Europe). Today we had breakfast at this cute, local cafe where I had yogurt and granola with fruit. Then we had a 20 minute walk to find the so called ” worlds smallest bookstore”. Unfortunately it was closed, since the owner had moved. Then we headed back to the apartment to grab our things and go to the new hotel. On the way back… I almost got hit by a car…. TWICE! These drivers are CRAZZZYYY, just like in Turkey(Teeheee).Then at around 11:40 we left the apartment with our stuff and starting walking to the new hotel. The hotel turned out to be very close to where we were, and it was only a 10-15 minute walk. Then…. I forgot what happened…… whoops!!



Travel Diary Part 2

Hey guys! This is my Day Two of my Europe trip(currently in Lisbon, Portugal).

Day 2 8/7/17

We are going to be starting off the day with breakfast! I wore a dress today, and my bikini under since we might go to the beach! Anyways, we had toast with cheese at this cute cafe and then headed to the beach. The train that took us to the beech was at 10:40 and we made it just in time! The cute little town we went to was perfect! The little shops, colourful houses, uneven roads and locals completed the view! Even though the water was FREEZING we had a lot of fun. (no… seriously it was SOOO cold) I also bought a very cute small floral bag from one of the shops(it cost 24 euros). Then, at about 6:00 pm we were all done and we headed back. When we arrived, we went back to the apartment to take a shower and change. After about two hours we finally headed out for a search for a place to have dinner. As we were looking, we stumbled upon this MAGNIFICENT view! The sunset, sky colours were gorgeous! And the cute colourful houses, the church and the little castle on the edge of the hill. After another 10 minted of walking around we found a nice one that was in an old church.  The wait was a little long, but it was definitely worth it. After dinner, we had chocolate mousse for dessert and went back to the apartment.(after walking around and exploring some more)We got ready for bed(I had to sleep on the uncomfortable springy bed) and we started packing(since we were switching hotels ). Then we went to bed at around 11 pm.

Good night!!!!


Stay tuned for more

Travel Diary Part 1

Hey! Its Erin again, I will be retelling how my trip to Europe went this summer. Stay tuned for more!

Day 1:   This is the start of my travel diary for this trip. As a family we will spend four nights in Lisbon, Portugal, then four nights in Porto, Portugal. After that we will spend three nights in Barcelona. Then we will fly out to Istanbul, Turkey to visit my relatives for five nights. And lastly, we will fly out to Antalya, Turkey and spend seven nights there. I will be writing about my day-day adventures here in Europe; what I enjoyed, what I saw… Today after our flight from Toronto was delayed, we arrived in Portugal at 2:30 pm(Portugal time). We took the metro(which was surprisingly very clean) to our apartment/hotel room. The apartment was right in the middle of the cities heart. So the streets were always busy with tourists, locals, shops and street performers. Unfortunately when we finally located where our apartment was, it was locked; with no way to get in. We desperately tried to reach the sellers as we were getting fried in the hot sun. An hour later, after finally communicating with the sellers we entered our apartment. It was STUNNING! I loved it so much! Even though it was small, it was so modern and cute.  I immediately pictured myself living there in the future. The bedroom, and the cute white kitchen, the ENORMOUS washroom, and living room were each better then the one before! OH.. and did I mention the balcony? Overlooking the city, and the busy streets, the view was amazing. Later that day, we went out, had ice cream and looked around, exploring the city. I took THOUSANDS of pictures(NO exaggeration). The people, culture and the environment was so laid back,  and different from Toronto.  Everywhere was colourful, with banners and restaurants in the middle of the streets. We finally ended the day by buying our train ticket to Porto so we didn’t forget. 

I can’t wait to see what tomorrow bring!



So, that was my day 1 in Portugal, stay tuned for more!

My favourite poems in Milk And Honey By: Rupi Kaur

Hey guys! First off, I would like to say that I absolutely LOVE this poet and this book. This is something every young woman should read, and we can all relate to and learn something from each poem. Overall, what I took from this book, is that people will only find happiness and love when they love themselves and are truly happy with who they are inside.





-“She was a rose,

in the hands of those

who had no intention

of keeping her


“perhaps the saddest of all

are those who live waiting

for someone they’re not

sure exists


If I could, I would include every single poem in this blog. This book has opened new doors for me, and made me look at some things in a different way. Every girl can relate to being heartbroken, wanting to give up sometimes, and feeling useless, but in the end we are all beautiful. And we are definitely WORTH IT.

rupi kaur |




Books I want to read in September/October 2017

  1. Kings Cage By: Victoria Aveyard
  2. The hate you give By: Angie Thomas
  3. The memory of Flora Banks By: Emily Barr
  4. Windfall By: Jennifer E. Smith
  5. Ramona Blue By: Julie Murphy
  6. Words in deep blue By: Cath Crowley
  7. Genuine Fraud By: E. Lockhart
  8. Courts of Thorns and Roses Series
  9. The upside of unrequited By: Becky Albertalli
  10. History is all you left me By: Adam Silvera


Leave the books you want to read in the comments

– Erin

Peace out✌️


50 Random Facts about myself🤷🏽‍♀️

Hey fam! I know I haven’t posted in a realllyyyy long time, but I was on vacation.⛱ In about a week I will start posting my day to day adventures in Europe and what we did, and what I saw, etc.  Now, lets get on to the bloggggg.

  1. I am 14 years old
  2. My favourite colour is light blue, and lavender.
  3. My parents recently bought me a new phone; Acer liquid zest
  4. I ❤️ writing and reading
  5. I play competitive volleyball.
  6. I go to a Junior High School
  7. I speak three languages fluently; English, French and Turkish
  8. I want to be a reporter, volleyball coach and maybe some sort of doctor when I grow up
  10. I play the flute and the piano
  11. I have broken no bones
  12. I hate elevator, and my phobia is being stuck in one.
  13. I have a younger sister
  14. My dream car is a red mini car
  15. I MIGHT have conversations with my self once in a while…
  17. I love dogs, but my parents won’t let me get one.
  18. I want to get a tattoo on my ankle
  19. I need at least 10 hours of sleep everyday
  20. My favourite chocolate flavour is dark chocolate
  21. I’m an Aquarius
  22. My favourite tv series is Greys Anatomy
  23. I love photography, and am trying to improve my skills
  24. My favourite number is 9
  25. I talk really fast
  26. I have a birth mark on my left leg
  27. I chew a lot of gum
  28. My eye colour is brown
  29. Both my parents are computer engineers
  30. I have a tapestry in my room
  31. I love buying school supplies
  32. I was addicted to Best Fiends but then it got deleted so I stopped playing
  33. I don’t have a favourite movie
  34. I always want to watch horror movies, but I end up getting too scared and searching up what going to happen on wikipedia
  35. I really want to write a book of short stories
  36. I SUCK at drawing
  37. My favourite season is fall
  38. I volunteered at Arts in the Parks this summer
  39. My hair is naturally wavy
  40. I hate science
  41. My favourite subject at school is English and math(even though I would never admit it)
  42. I am very lazy….
  43. I went to sailing camp last summer
  44. I’m not very good at apologizing
  45. I fight with my mom a lot
  47. I love to travel
  48. I love all my aunts(but I do have my favourites)
  49. I really want to go to a drive-in theatre
  50. I am weird




Peace out