Travel Diary Part 2

Hey guys! This is my Day Two of my Europe trip(currently in Lisbon, Portugal).

Day 2 8/7/17

We are going to be starting off the day with breakfast! I wore a dress today, and my bikini under since we might go to the beach! Anyways, we had toast with cheese at this cute cafe and then headed to the beach. The train that took us to the beech was at 10:40 and we made it just in time! The cute little town we went to was perfect! The little shops, colourful houses, uneven roads and locals completed the view! Even though the water was FREEZING we had a lot of fun. (no… seriously it was SOOO cold) I also bought a very cute small floral bag from one of the shops(it cost 24 euros). Then, at about 6:00 pm we were all done and we headed back. When we arrived, we went back to the apartment to take a shower and change. After about two hours we finally headed out for a search for a place to have dinner. As we were looking, we stumbled upon this MAGNIFICENT view! The sunset, sky colours were gorgeous! And the cute colourful houses, the church and the little castle on the edge of the hill. After another 10 minted of walking around we found a nice one that was in an old church.  The wait was a little long, but it was definitely worth it. After dinner, we had chocolate mousse for dessert and went back to the apartment.(after walking around and exploring some more)We got ready for bed(I had to sleep on the uncomfortable springy bed) and we started packing(since we were switching hotels ). Then we went to bed at around 11 pm.

Good night!!!!


Stay tuned for more


Travel Diary Part 1

Hey! Its Erin again, I will be retelling how my trip to Europe went this summer. Stay tuned for more!

Day 1:   This is the start of my travel diary for this trip. As a family we will spend four nights in Lisbon, Portugal, then four nights in Porto, Portugal. After that we will spend three nights in Barcelona. Then we will fly out to Istanbul, Turkey to visit my relatives for five nights. And lastly, we will fly out to Antalya, Turkey and spend seven nights there. I will be writing about my day-day adventures here in Europe; what I enjoyed, what I saw… Today after our flight from Toronto was delayed, we arrived in Portugal at 2:30 pm(Portugal time). We took the metro(which was surprisingly very clean) to our apartment/hotel room. The apartment was right in the middle of the cities heart. So the streets were always busy with tourists, locals, shops and street performers. Unfortunately when we finally located where our apartment was, it was locked; with no way to get in. We desperately tried to reach the sellers as we were getting fried in the hot sun. An hour later, after finally communicating with the sellers we entered our apartment. It was STUNNING! I loved it so much! Even though it was small, it was so modern and cute.  I immediately pictured myself living there in the future. The bedroom, and the cute white kitchen, the ENORMOUS washroom, and living room were each better then the one before! OH.. and did I mention the balcony? Overlooking the city, and the busy streets, the view was amazing. Later that day, we went out, had ice cream and looked around, exploring the city. I took THOUSANDS of pictures(NO exaggeration). The people, culture and the environment was so laid back,  and different from Toronto.  Everywhere was colourful, with banners and restaurants in the middle of the streets. We finally ended the day by buying our train ticket to Porto so we didn’t forget. 

I can’t wait to see what tomorrow bring!



So, that was my day 1 in Portugal, stay tuned for more!

My favourite poems in Milk And Honey By: Rupi Kaur

Hey guys! First off, I would like to say that I absolutely LOVE this poet and this book. This is something every young woman should read, and we can all relate to and learn something from each poem. Overall, what I took from this book, is that people will only find happiness and love when they love themselves and are truly happy with who they are inside.





-“She was a rose,

in the hands of those

who had no intention

of keeping her


“perhaps the saddest of all

are those who live waiting

for someone they’re not

sure exists


If I could, I would include every single poem in this blog. This book has opened new doors for me, and made me look at some things in a different way. Every girl can relate to being heartbroken, wanting to give up sometimes, and feeling useless, but in the end we are all beautiful. And we are definitely WORTH IT.

rupi kaur |




Books I want to read in September/October 2017

  1. Kings Cage By: Victoria Aveyard
  2. The hate you give By: Angie Thomas
  3. The memory of Flora Banks By: Emily Barr
  4. Windfall By: Jennifer E. Smith
  5. Ramona Blue By: Julie Murphy
  6. Words in deep blue By: Cath Crowley
  7. Genuine Fraud By: E. Lockhart
  8. Courts of Thorns and Roses Series
  9. The upside of unrequited By: Becky Albertalli
  10. History is all you left me By: Adam Silvera


Leave the books you want to read in the comments

– Erin

Peace out✌️


50 Random Facts about myself🤷🏽‍♀️

Hey fam! I know I haven’t posted in a realllyyyy long time, but I was on vacation.⛱ In about a week I will start posting my day to day adventures in Europe and what we did, and what I saw, etc.  Now, lets get on to the bloggggg.

  1. I am 14 years old
  2. My favourite colour is light blue, and lavender.
  3. My parents recently bought me a new phone; Acer liquid zest
  4. I ❤️ writing and reading
  5. I play competitive volleyball.
  6. I go to a Junior High School
  7. I speak three languages fluently; English, French and Turkish
  8. I want to be a reporter, volleyball coach and maybe some sort of doctor when I grow up
  10. I play the flute and the piano
  11. I have broken no bones
  12. I hate elevator, and my phobia is being stuck in one.
  13. I have a younger sister
  14. My dream car is a red mini car
  15. I MIGHT have conversations with my self once in a while…
  17. I love dogs, but my parents won’t let me get one.
  18. I want to get a tattoo on my ankle
  19. I need at least 10 hours of sleep everyday
  20. My favourite chocolate flavour is dark chocolate
  21. I’m an Aquarius
  22. My favourite tv series is Greys Anatomy
  23. I love photography, and am trying to improve my skills
  24. My favourite number is 9
  25. I talk really fast
  26. I have a birth mark on my left leg
  27. I chew a lot of gum
  28. My eye colour is brown
  29. Both my parents are computer engineers
  30. I have a tapestry in my room
  31. I love buying school supplies
  32. I was addicted to Best Fiends but then it got deleted so I stopped playing
  33. I don’t have a favourite movie
  34. I always want to watch horror movies, but I end up getting too scared and searching up what going to happen on wikipedia
  35. I really want to write a book of short stories
  36. I SUCK at drawing
  37. My favourite season is fall
  38. I volunteered at Arts in the Parks this summer
  39. My hair is naturally wavy
  40. I hate science
  41. My favourite subject at school is English and math(even though I would never admit it)
  42. I am very lazy….
  43. I went to sailing camp last summer
  44. I’m not very good at apologizing
  45. I fight with my mom a lot
  47. I love to travel
  48. I love all my aunts(but I do have my favourites)
  49. I really want to go to a drive-in theatre
  50. I am weird




Peace out

Shooter By: Caroline Pignat

When a lockdown throws five grade 12 students into a boys washroom together, they all don’t think this day could get any worse. But when they realize the lockdown is not a drill, they begin to panic. When they figure out that one of the students know more about the shooter than any of them, they stop feeling safe in the unlocked washroom.  What will happen, is one of the students the shooter? What will they do?

This book kept me guessing, and on the edge of my seat the entire time. I finished this book in under two hours, because of the intensity, and endless plot twists. I loved the different POV’s of the characters, and how each narrators voice was unique. Each character has their own backstory, and are fighting their own wars. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who needs a good read, and wants a book they won’t be able to forget anytime soon .

Caroline Pignat was born in Dublin, Ireland and is a Canadian novelist. She is a graduate from the University of Ottawa. Her work has been published in magazines, and her first novel was published in 2008, and since then has published over 6 novels. In 2009 she won her first Governor Generals Award for “Greener Grass: The Famine Years”. She is also a teacher and has taught elementary, intermediate and high school students with the Ottawa Catholic School board. You can contact her here:

“…masterful…intimate…seamless…heartbreaking”: Quill & Quire loves SHOOTER by Caroline Pignat.

“Pignat has created a pitch perfect combination of multiple modes, well-tuned voices and [an] irresistible and satisfying story.”–CM Magazine
“With gut-wrenching locked-room suspense, Shooter is a frightening, yet hopeful snippet of high school life in the 21st century.” —The National Reading Campaign




July Young Adult Book List

Hey Guys! School is finally done, now more reading time!!! Here is my July reading list, that I will hopefully be able to complete before August. Also, I will be off to camp for the next couple of weeks, so I won’t be posting. Sorry:(

  1. Hungry.  By: H. A. Swan
  2. Red Queen. By: Victoria Aveyard
  3. Lolita. By: Vladimir Nabokov (BTW, I have already read this book and I LOVE IT!)
  4. The Leaving  By: Tara Altebrando
  5. Its kind of a funny story    By:  Ned Vizzini
  6. Shooter   By: Caroline Pignat
  7. Two roads from here.  By: Teddy Steinkellner
  8. Phantom Limbs.    By: Garner Paula
  9. Windfall.    By: Jennifer E. Smith

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What to eat while reading🍭

Everyone is different, but here are some things that I like to snack on while reading.


  1. Hot tea
  2. Hot Chocolate
  3. Coffee☕️(I personally don’t drink Coffee, but I know that a lot of people enjoy it while reading)
  4. Fruit Smoothie
  5. Cold water💦


  1. Popcorn🍿
  2. Apples(or any type of fruit)🍎
  3. Fruit snacks(dummies)
  4. Cheese🧀
  5. Pretzels
  6. If you are reading Percy Jackson(my ALL TIME FAVOURITE SERIES!!!!!!!!!) Make sure to have something blue to snack on while you read. (To honour the Sally and Percy spirit)

What NOT to have

  1. Soup🍜
  2. Cereal
  3. Spaghetti 🍝
  4. Salad🥗

Just don’t have anything messy, because books are VERY precious


#bookworm problems📚

Hey book lovers! Once again, I am back with my lists! Teehee

  1. When someone asks you what your favourite book is: Um how am I supposed to answer that, there are so many
  2. Missing a meal, sleep, and so much more because of a book
  3. When you finish a book and have to wait a year for the next one to come outImage result for when you have to wait for the book to come out gif
  4. When you run out of books to read, and hoarding booksImage result for when you run out of books to read gif
  5. When your favourite character dies Image result for when your fav character dies gif
  6. Having multiple copies of the same book(teehee)Image result for having multiple copies of the same book gif
  7. When someone interrupts you while reading Image result for when someone interrupts you while reading gif
  8. When the movie is nothing like the book and it ruins everything Image result for when the movie is nothing like the book gif
  9. When someone says you read to much Image result for when someone says you read too much gif

My favourite childhood books

Hey! Its Erin here, today I’m going to show you all my favourite childhood books of all time. Hope you enjoy!

Image result for best childhood books gif

  1. Every single book by Shel Silverstein
  2. Olivia
  3. Madeline
  4. Don’t let the pigeon  drive the bus
  5. The Cat in the Hat
  6. Pippi Long stocking
  7. The Nutcracker
  8. No, David
  9. The Polar Express
  11. StellaLuna
  12. Green eggs and ham by: Dr Seuss




The benefits of reading♡

We all love reading, but do we really know how it gives back to us? Keep scrolling down to find out!

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  1. Acquire knowledge: Even if  you don’t think so, reading always fills your mind with new information. And what’s wrong with knowing as much as you can?
  2. Expands your vocabulary: Did you know that reading increases your vocabulary more than directly talking? This is crucial for bloggers, writers, and it makes you a better human.
  3. Improves Memory: Can I explain it? Not really….. BUT it works! (Trust me)
  4. Boosts Concentration:Reading in itself is an exercise, so of course it would make sense for it to improve memory and boost concentration .
  5. Reduces stress:  psychologists believe its because when you read a book, you are taken to another world, and are not worrying anymore.
  6. Its FUN! : Can anyone really argue with that?  I doubt it
  7. Improves empathy: Reading fiction allows the reader to put themselves in the characters shoes and understand their decisions and feelings.
  8. Strengthens brain: Scientists believe that reading can help fight off disease. Also it may help fight of Alzheimer’s since it keeps the brain engaged and your reading and thinking skills intact.
  9. Helps you sleep better: if you have a bed ritual, such as reading before going to bed, it signals to the brain that its time to shut down and go to sleep. It also helps you relax before bed.
  10. Stimulates creativity: Reading helps you tap into your creative side and boost your creativity.