Awake And Dreaming By: Kit Pearson

Theo’s life is miserable. Her mother is selfish and very young. They live on welfare. Theo is never well fed, always cold and lonely. That is why her only dream is to belong to a real family; a dad, a mom, two sisters and two brothers, and she in the middle. Then suddenly, her dream comes true. She is mysteriously adopted by the family of her dreams. They never fight and are so nice to Theo. But just as Theo starts to belong with them, her new life begins to fade. She is vanishing and her family forgets about her. Is it a dream come true or just a dream?
I would recommend this book to the ages 10 and up. It is fiction and fantasy mixed together, a ghost story that is like a dream. All readers would find it very interesting, and sad. You would think that a 10 year old would wish for something else, not a family.
Kit Pearson is a writer that can turn a boring story into an amazing one. She was born in Alberta in 1947. Her books are worth reading. Her first book that she published is “The Daring Game”. She has written a total of 18 books including picture books, collections, and novels. Kit Pearson now lives in Victoria, British Columbia a few blocks away from the Ross Bay Cemetery. This is one of the settings in her book “Awake and Dreaming”.


In The Wild By: Sophia Nordin

The last thing that Amanda would want to do is spend a whole week with her classmates in the forest. They tease her, throw things at her and make her feel bad about herself. But the principal insists on having bonding time with the two sixth grade classes. But how did Amanda end up being stuck with the class bully in the wild hungry, tired and hopeless. Read the book to find out if she can survive.
I would recommend this book to the ages 11-13. Because I read this book when I was 9 and I did not understand what the author’s message and the meaning of the story. 11-13 year olds would get sucked into the book and they would live the story with the characters. They will not let go of it without finishing the book.
The author Sophia Nordin was born in 1974. She is a Swedish writer and translator. She is mostly known for the children books that she has written. She has published two books for adults. “In The Wild” was published in 2003 and was the first young adult book she wrote. It was awarded a debut prize. She now lives in south of Stockholm.

Out Of My Mind By: Sharon M. Draper

The main character, an amazing girl named Melody, has brain damage and is retarded. At least, this is what the doctors think. Melody is actually the smartest girl in her whole school and no one knows it. She hasn’t spoken one word for eleven years. Her classmates do not want to be in the same class as her. They laugh at how Melody cannot take care of herself. What they don’t know is that she discovered something that will allow her to speak. But is everyone ready to hear the things she has to say?
I would recommend this book to ages 12 and up. It is fun and it brought tears to my eyes at the same time. Reading this book gives you a different way to see how lonely people feel if they are not able to talk or move. Imagine not being able to talk… How would you keep all the words in for all those years? This is a book will answer that question.
The author of this book is Sharon M. Draper. She is a professional educator as well as a writer. She has written more than 15 books. And has received many awards for each of her books. Out of my mind has received 15 awards. She lives in Cincinnati, Ohio, with her husband and a golden retriever named Honey.
I would also like to read her other books. She seems like a fascinating writer to me.