Awake And Dreaming By: Kit Pearson

Theo’s life is miserable. Her mother is selfish and very young. They live on welfare. Theo is never well fed, always cold and lonely. That is why her only dream is to belong to a real family; a dad, a mom, two sisters and two brothers, and she in the middle. Then suddenly, her dream comes true. She is mysteriously adopted by the family of her dreams. They never fight and are so nice to Theo. But just as Theo starts to belong with them, her new life begins to fade. She is vanishing and her family forgets about her. Is it a dream come true or just a dream?
I would recommend this book to the ages 10 and up. It is fiction and fantasy mixed together, a ghost story that is like a dream. All readers would find it very interesting, and sad. You would think that a 10 year old would wish for something else, not a family.
Kit Pearson is a writer that can turn a boring story into an amazing one. She was born in Alberta in 1947. Her books are worth reading. Her first book that she published is “The Daring Game”. She has written a total of 18 books including picture books, collections, and novels. Kit Pearson now lives in Victoria, British Columbia a few blocks away from the Ross Bay Cemetery. This is one of the settings in her book “Awake and Dreaming”.


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