In The Wild By: Sophia Nordin

The last thing that Amanda would want to do is spend a whole week with her classmates in the forest. They tease her, throw things at her and make her feel bad about herself. But the principal insists on having bonding time with the two sixth grade classes. But how did Amanda end up being stuck with the class bully in the wild hungry, tired and hopeless. Read the book to find out if she can survive.
I would recommend this book to the ages 11-13. Because I read this book when I was 9 and I did not understand what the author’s message and the meaning of the story. 11-13 year olds would get sucked into the book and they would live the story with the characters. They will not let go of it without finishing the book.
The author Sophia Nordin was born in 1974. She is a Swedish writer and translator. She is mostly known for the children books that she has written. She has published two books for adults. “In The Wild” was published in 2003 and was the first young adult book she wrote. It was awarded a debut prize. She now lives in south of Stockholm.


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