Freak By: Marcella Pixley

Twelve-year old Miriam is considered a freak by the popular girls in her middle school. She gets bullied so much that she explodes. She shows not only the popular “watermelon girls” but everyone that she has had enough, revealing the inner strength that even she didn’t know she had.

I would recommend this book to readers between ages 12 and 14. I got very emotional when I read this book. It is a great story about bullying and it is stunning. It is one of the best books I have ever read. Because, it was very interesting and has a lot of suspense.

Marcella Pixley has written two young adult books; “Freak and Without Tess” which I will also write about. Freak was named the Kirkus Best Book of The Year and received four starred reviews. She lives in West-ford, Massachusetts with her husband and two sons. Marcella is a graduate from Vassar College, University of Tennessee and Bread Loaf School of English.


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