Say You Will By: Eric Walters

Sam is a genius, his IQ amazing, social skills not so much, and dating history, nothing. In his junior year of high school he wants to finally fit in. Brooke and Ian, his friends (okay, only friends), will help him complete the biggest challenge of all. The PROMPOSAL, and Sam thinks he might just have the courage to ask the perfect girl.

This is a young adult novel, and is best for ages 13-14; I recommend this novel, to kids who are not heavy readers. This book is very simple, and requires a very small amount of knowledge.  This book explains the feelings, and decisions that we will soon have to make.

Eric Walters has published more than 80 novels, and more than 100 awards. He is a young-adult author, but also writes for children, his novels have been translated into more than a dozen languages.  He was born in Toronto in 1957; he and his wife are the founders of creation of hope which provides for over 400 orphaned and disadvantaged children in Kenya. He is the father of three, and now lives in Mississauga with his wife and two dogs.



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