Just Listen By:Sarah Dessen

Annabel Greene, is the opposite of perfect. Does she have the perfect guy? No. Does she have the perfect friends? Definitely not. And she does not have the perfect life.  When she meets Owen Armstrong, a classmate who seems to understand, will they connect? Can she let go of her past, and finally explain what truly happened to her at that party?

I would recommend “Just Listen” to the ages 13-15, because of the mature topic, and younger ages would not be captivated by this book. This book is so much more than your average high-school drama. I was not able to let go of this book, as soon as I started reading. It includes family problems, relationships, high school, and more.

Sarah Dessen was born on June 6th 1970; she is an American writer who writes young adult literature. She published her first novel; “That Summer” in 1996, many of her novels including “That Summer”, “Keeping the Moon”, and many more, were among ALA’s “Best Fiction for Young Adults” selections. She now lives in North Carolina with her husband, daughter, two dogs, a few lizards, and believe it or not, chickens!


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