The Opposite of Tidy By: Carrie Mac

Julie has had enough; she can barely make it to her kitchen without being trampled by the junk. Her mother is definitely no help, she has a hoarding issue and the house is packed. Her father left, her mother refuses to listen, and Julie doesn’t know what to do. But when she meets a great guy, will she screw it up? Will she lie about her entire life? And the big question is; will her mother find help?

I would recommend this book to the ages of 13 and up, because of the genre and the vocabulary. I extremely enjoyed this book, and it was very captivating. After returning it to the library, I will definitely buy my own. This book always takes new, turns, making sure that the reader is always on board. I found this book irresistible, and it also has a very valuable life lesson in it.

Carrie Mac is a Canadian author who was born on February 25th 1975. She specializes in Young Adult Fiction, and is the winner of multiple awards for her books. She also leads countless workshops, and contributes to a journal. She now lives in Vancouver with her partner, and children.


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