New Antique Camera!!!

Recently, I bought this beautiful antique camera to add to my growing collection. I love antique cameras so if you have any cameras like this one, that you would like to get rid of feel free to contact me!!!

Thank you



I will always write back By: Caitlin Alfirenka & Martin Ganda With Liz Welch

At first, when Caitlin wrote to Martin who lived across the world in Zimbabwe, it was nothing special. They were just pen pals. But then it became so much more, when Caitlin and Martin became best friends and learned things about each other they never could have imagined. Their letters changed each others lives, and they both became better people.

I would recommend this book to the ages between 12-14. The vocabulary is fairly simple, and easy to comprehend, but the content is targeted for a larger age group. ” I will always write back” is a novel that is non-fiction, about social conditions, friendship, and pen pals. This book is a true story and is truly inspiring and heartwarming. I enjoy reading true story with a powerful message, because it informs us and those around us about the world, and how others lives are not as simple as ours.

Caitlin Alfirenka and Martin Ganda are the authors of this amazing novel They have become bets friends through their letter, and still have a strong connection. Caitlin, is an ER nurse who live in Philadelphia with her husband and daughters. Martin lives in New York, with degrees in mathematics and economy, from Villanova University and an MBA in finance from Duke University.Liz Welch is an award-winning journalist who contributed to the novel.

The last boy and girl in the world

Keeley is just trying to be a normal teenager when a disaster hits her town. All she wants to do is fall in love, have fun, and make memories. While her parents worry about the flood, and her future; Keeley does things she normally would never do. But is everything going to turn out okay? Will her friendships stay intact? Did Keeley push too far??

When I first took a look at this book I was very captivated by the title and cover; and knew this was soon to be one of my favorite books. Many of my favorite books, all have captivating covers, and summary’s such as “The last boy and girl in the world”. I would recommend “The last boy and girl in the world” to the ages of 13-15. This book has fiction, love and humor but is also very amusing. The content is suitable for these ages, and at a younger age you would not understand the message. I personally enjoy book like this one because it takes our present world and makes an alternate future, where these disasters would occur.

Siobhan Vivian is an american editor, novelist and screenwriter. She was born in New York City on January 12 1979(she is now 37). She has a degree in film and television and an MFA from Creative Writing; Children’s Literature from the New School. She has written 9 books so far, and all have wonderful reviews. She now lives in Highland Park, Pittsburgh with her husband, and two daughters.