The Memory Key By: Liana Liu

Lora doesn’t know if it’s a blessing or a cure when she can perfectly remember everything. She knows that her memory key is broken,but after her mother’s death, her family has never been the same. So is this her chance to fix everything?. Or should she get her memory key fixed before everything comes out of control?

I would recommend this book to the ages 13 and up. This novel is about love, friendship, trust, science, and family. I enjoyed reading this book because it takes place in the future, so we can see how the characters act, speak and live in the future. Also, I loved the genre, which was science fiction and it really interested me. Unfortunately, the downside is that the vocabulary and spelling are very light and simple, so a younger audience can read this.

Liana Liu was born and raised in New York City, and is the author of “The Memory Key”. She received her MFA in fiction writing from the University Of Minnesota. Her hobbies include pottery, reading, scrabble, and knitting.

“A fast-paced mystery with a touch of romance” – Voice of Youth Advocates(YOYA)

“Paced like a spy-thriller, this novel is a terrific read for reluctant female readers; they will identify with Lora and the terribly difficult choices she is confronted with.” – Booklist



Throne Of Glass By: Sarah J. Maas

Celaena Sardothien is an 18-year-old assassin, who just wants to be free. After spending a horrible year in the deadly salt mines of Endovier, she is offered a chance to win her freedom. She must enter a competition and beat 23 other assassins to be the king’s champion. But when the other competitors mysteriously get murdered, will she be next? What is the evil that is lurking in the castle? Will she live long enough to know?

I recommend this breath-taking and exhilarating book to the ages 13-15. Because of the strong vocabulary, characters and content. This book is definitely one of my favorites, and I will make sure to write book reviews for the other books in the series. Many famous authors such as Rick Riordan(the author of my all time favorite series”Percy Jackson and The Olympian’s), and Colleen Houck have recommended this book. This fantasy includes friendship, assassins,love, and magic.

Sarah J. Maas is a  New York Times best-selling author of the  ” Throne Of Glass” series. She was born on March 5 1986, and published Throne Of Glass in 2012, and has been published in 35 different languages. She writes young adult science fiction, and fantasy literature. She is 3o years old and now lives in Pennsylvania with her husband and dog.

“A must-read… Sarah J. Maas has created a truly remarkable heroine who doesn’t sacrifice the grit that makes her real in order to do what’s right in the end.”

— USA Today 

“Fans of Tamora Pierce and George R. R. Martin, pick up this book! The assassin heroine’s growth and multilayered secondary characters are amazing.”

— RT Book Reviews, Top Pick

The Heart Breakers By: Ali Novak

Stella loves her sister, and now that she is sick she will do anything for her. Even stand in line for hours for an autograph from the band she hates the most; The Heart Breakers. But when she falls in love with the lead singer, and spends time with the band, she has to decide; should she be having this much fun, when her sister is dying?

I would recommend this book to the ages 12 and up. The vocabulary is light, and the book is only about 300 pages. I do not usually read romantic books like this one, but when my friend recommended it to me I had to try it. This novel is a good read, and I did not regret reading it.  This is a fictional book with romance, music, family, friendship, and adventure.

Ali Novak is a 24 year old who writes young-adult fiction novels. She wrote her first novel at the age of 15, and hasn’t stopped writing since. She is a graduate from the University Of Madison Wisconsin Creative Writing Program. Feel free to follow her on Instagram @alinovak and on Wattpad @falzswimer .