The Heart Breakers By: Ali Novak

Stella loves her sister, and now that she is sick she will do anything for her. Even stand in line for hours for an autograph from the band she hates the most; The Heart Breakers. But when she falls in love with the lead singer, and spends time with the band, she has to decide; should she be having this much fun, when her sister is dying?

I would recommend this book to the ages 12 and up. The vocabulary is light, and the book is only about 300 pages. I do not usually read romantic books like this one, but when my friend recommended it to me I had to try it. This novel is a good read, and I did not regret reading it.  This is a fictional book with romance, music, family, friendship, and adventure.

Ali Novak is a 24 year old who writes young-adult fiction novels. She wrote her first novel at the age of 15, and hasn’t stopped writing since. She is a graduate from the University Of Madison Wisconsin Creative Writing Program. Feel free to follow her on Instagram @alinovak and on Wattpad @falzswimer .


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