The Crown Of Midnight By:Sarah J. Maas


After becoming the king’s champion, Celaena still does not serve the king. Even though she hides her lies and secrets, she will not be able to forever. She soon realizes that even if she tries her hardest she cannot save everyone. And letting go has never been easy for her. So one night, when everything is put to the test, Celaena will finally see who she is actually fighting for.

Perhaps you have heard of this wonderful exhilarating book through your friends, at the bookstore, or on the internet. Well this fantasy full of suspense, betrayal, magic, love, and assassins, is a MUST read for teenagers. That is why I would recommend this novel to the ages between 13-15. Sarah J. Maas continues to surprise me and keep me on the edge of my seat during the entire book. Another reason why this book is one of my favorites is that during the book Sarah J. Maas switches perspectives every chapter. I love it when authors do this because the reader can experience how different all the characters feelings and emotions are.

Since I have already written a book review on Sarah’s other book, “ Throne Of Glass” , I won’t repeat her biography.

“ A thrill ride of epic fantasy proportions” – USA Today

“The plot is riddled with intrigue and the fighting comes thick and fast. Crown of Midnight does not disappoint” – Dark Readers

“A rich and powerful sequel that will be loved by Throne of Glass fans everywhere!” – Praise for ‘Crown of Midnight’, Bookworm Blogger



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