The assassins blade By: Sarah J. Maas

At age 16 Celaena Sardothien. After going on a new mission and disobeying her master; Arobynn Hamell, Celaena is in a tough spot. When her master harms her and the ones she loves, it must stop now. What lengths will she go to to save her loved ones?

I would recommend this book to the ages 13-14, for those who love fantasy, danger, secrets and cliffhangers. In these 5 novellas, which are a prequel to “The Throne Of Glass”, the readers can discover her dark past. It tells us more about her character, how she grew up, and why she does not easily trust the people around her. I really fell in love with not only this book, but the entire series, so make sure to stay tuned for the other reviews.

The biography of Sarah J. Maas is already done in my review about :”The Throne Of Glass”

Praise for “The Assassins Blade”:

“Fans will delight in this gorgeous edition….Action-packed and full insight into Celaena’s character….What a ride!”

-Booklist online

Make sure to check out Sarah J. Maas’ website:

You can also contact her from her website; to ask questions.





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