Holding Up The Universe By: Jennifer Niven

Libby Strout, America’s fattest teen is not hiding anymore and is finally ready for high school.

Jack Masselin has a secret; he cannot recognize faces, even his loved ones.

When Libby and Jack meet, they are yet to understand that both their worlds have been changed forever.

I would recommend this book to the ages of 13-15 or people who enjoy Jennifer Nivens style of writing. What made this book unique, was that it highlighted both of their insecurities and that allowed the reader to connect their own lives to those of the characters. And though all the readers might not have the same problems as Libby or Jack, we all have something that we are afraid of. This book tackles obesity, prosopagnosia, and love all in one. I highly recommend this book, and this is definitely would be on my list of “books to read before 14”.

Jennifer Niven is the author of “Holding up the Universe”, “ All The Bright Places” as well as four adult books,  three non-fiction books, and much more. She was born on May 14th, 1968 in North Carolina, US. She has one the “Goodreads Choice Awards for Best Young Adult Fiction”, and is very successful.  She is the founder of “Germ Magazine” for high school readers and now lives in Los Angeles.





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