Pushing Perfect By: Michelle Falkoff

Kara has the perfect life, perfect parents, perfect grades, perfect friends, and perfect body. But that all goes away when she struggles to keep up with this so called perfection. What lengths is she willing to go to to be perfect, and is it worth it? Or will her perfect life go up in flames.

I would strongly recommend this book to fans of We Were Liars, and audiences who can stand dark subjects, blackmailing, drugs and intrigue. This book was an amazing read, and the ending was unbelievable. It was a page turner and I could not put it down. Throughout the book I could not help but feel sorry for Kara, she put way to much pressure on her self because she had panic attacks, and is a perfectionist. Unfortunately I also disliked that so many things were going on a once throughout the book, so it was hard to keep track at times. Also, I did not feel any connection to the characters, so in the end this book is an easy read for someone who wants to paste time.

Michelle Falloff  was born and raised outside of Boston, Massachisttes. She studied literature at the University of Pennsylvania and then attend Columbia Law School. She quit practicing the law to study fiction writing and start writing novels. She teaches fiction at the University of Chicago and is the Director of Communication and Legal Reasoning program. her first two books were Playlist for the dead and Pushing Perfect, and she has many more to come.

“An absorbing and sensitive read” -Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books

“Full of well-developed, diverse supporting characters. This is recommended for teens who enjoy mysteries in the form of timely, realistic fiction.” —Voice of Youth Advocates (VOYA)

“Readers will be kept guessing.” —Kirkus Reviews





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