Travel Diaries – Italy

Hello bookworms, I’ve compiled my short week-long Italy trip into one post!! I’ve included short notes from the trop, our day-to-day shenanigans and pictures!

Day 3

Hello, Bookworms today is July 28(day three of our trip) and my first day in Italy! We took a 2 and a half hour plane this afternoon from Istanbul to Venice. As soon as we landed, I was nearly bouncing in my seat from all my excitement. We immediately walked to our small hotel that we would be staying for one night. Not wanting to stay holed up in our hotel room any longer we headed out onto the busy streets of Venice. We had pizza for dinner(typical, I know), but what else are you supposed to eat when you go to Italy? Some things I quickly came to realize was how easy it is to walk everywhere in Venice within a few hours. I had initially thought that one day in Venice wasn’t nearly enough, but after already seeing most of it by half the day, I realized I had been wrong. For those of you wishing to travel to Italy, or planning for the future, do not worry about not spending enough time in one city/area. If you use your time well you can fully enjoy your time there and have no regrets about not seeing enough. Anyway, as the time geared towards 10, we headed to bed and packed our bags for tomorrow. We were going to take a train at around 5 to go to Milan.

Day 4

Hello Bookworms, today is July 29 and our second day in Italy! Our day started at about 9 a.m. when our alarm went off. After breakfast, we packed up our room and headed off to the train station with our belongings. And let me tell you, the decision of bringing only one suitcase among the four of us paid off. We didn’t have to worry about dragging enormous suitcases across Italy while trying to enjoy our trip. With the luggage of our hands, we were able to freely roam around Venice. Eating delicious food, creeping behind tour guides to listen to what they were saying(haha totally didn’t do that…), were just some of the things we did today. Then around 5 was our train to Milan.

Day 5

Hello bookworms, today is day 3 of our trip to Italy. We have just arrived in Milan and will be staying in an Air BNB that is in the heart of the city. Since we arrived late in the afternoon, we immediately headed out and decided to explore the city. We settled on keeping our evening simple and settled for having an early dinner.

Day 6

Hello bookworms, today is day 4 of our trip to Italy, and our second day in Milan. I didn’t record anything from this day because I was too busy being a tourist! Here are some pictures that better describe what I did today:

Day 8

Hello bookworms, today is day 1 in Florence, Italy. Today we took a quick half an hour train to the beach early in the morning! The water was so beautiful and the beach was practically empty. Since we did that early in the morning, we could focus on spending our time going to the Leaning Tower of Pisa! Once there, the place was FILLED with tourists. Obviously, we took lots of pictures, and even the basic touristy ones(I know😉).

Here are some pictures from today:

Day 7

Hello bookworms, today is day 5 of our trip to Italy, and our last day in Milan. We have a three-hour train ride at 1 pm that will take us to Florence. More specifically we will be going to Riomaggiore, and will be going to the beach for the first time during our trip!

Day 9

Hello bookworms, today is day 2 in Florence, Italy! Our day started a little late after we slept in until 10. I know, I know, but traveling is tiring! So we took a much-needed break and went to go get breakfast at a nearby bakery. One can never have too many croissants right! For lunch, we had mushroom pizza(sounds gross, but trust me it’s delicious). Here are some pictures from a museum that we visited, and a cute vintage carousel:

Then, we went to watch the sunset from basically on top of a mountain. It was so beautiful, and I may have gone overboard with the pictures… As we watched the sunset, a man played guitar and it was truly an amazing experience. And that concluded our first day in Florence.

Day 10

Hello bookworms, today is day 3 in Florence, Italy. Today was mostly spent indoors, resting and relaxing. In the afternoon we headed out and explored the cafes, bakeries, and unique stores. We watched the sunset once again and had ice cream(once again!). Here are some pictures from today:

Thanks for reading📚Travel Diaries from Turkey coming soon! Comment below books I should read next!


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