Author Interview – Sasha Laurens♡

Hello Bookworms, today's post is one that is very new and exciting for me! I have longed to interview an author for the longest time, and today's post is an exclusive interview with Sasha Laurens, the author of A Wicked Magic, a new YA fantasy novel. We are going to be discussing her new release,… Continue reading Author Interview – Sasha Laurens♡


Mini Reviews – A Long Way Gone, Half Brother & Highly Illogical Behavior⚚

Hello Bookworms, mini-reviews are one of my favourite posts to read. They are brief and engaging, they get the information across and it's a win-win situation all around. As I've said in my past posts I am clearing out all my drafts to make way for fresh new ideas! And although these books were meant… Continue reading Mini Reviews – A Long Way Gone, Half Brother & Highly Illogical Behavior⚚

Book Review – Mirage by Somaiya Daud

The stunning and lushly imagined Sunday Times bestseller about a girl who is kidnapped and forced to become the body double for the princess of a ruthless empire. Hello Bookworms, as I am apart of the Court of Lions(Mirage #2) blog tour, it only makes sense that I read the first book! I have heard such great reviews… Continue reading Book Review – Mirage by Somaiya Daud

Book Review – The Institute by Stephen King – I wish I loved it☼

Hello Bookworms, I am warning you guys because in the next few weeks I am going to ~try~ to clear out my drafts and post all the reviews that have been SITTING there. Am I the only one with an unhealthy number of drafts?? The problem is, I come up with more ideas than I post, and… Continue reading Book Review – The Institute by Stephen King – I wish I loved it☼

Book Review – Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

Hello Bookworms, I read Gone Girl in November of this year for a book club that my friend and I created at our school. And let me tell you I LOVED IT! I am also aware of just how late I am to reading it, but better late than never right....? Overall this book is just one big reminder that I should… Continue reading Book Review – Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

The Sunshine Blogger Award☼

Hello Bookworms, thank you so much to Blue @ A Blonde, A Book, And A Blanket for nominating me! I can barely contain my excitement, as this is my very first nomination(can you hear me squealing...) Although I have had this blog for quite a long time, I only started regularly posting a few years ago, so… Continue reading The Sunshine Blogger Award☼