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Hello Bookworms, The Puppetmaster’s Apprentice was one of the most inventive novels I’ve read in a long time. This book is Lisa DeSelm’s dark fantasy debut, and today’s post will include an in-depth review, as well as a look at my favourite quotes. WHAT ARE WE WAITING FOR? LET’S GO!

Genre: young adult, fantasy

Publication date: 13 October 2020

Publisher: Page Street Publishing

Cover artist: Laura Benton + ☕ Add this book on goodreads

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Summary :

“Listen well. Soon, the blue moon, the rarest of all moons will be on the rise. At its waxing offer up one of your creations and by moonlight they will be given breath. Choose wisely who to awaken.”

With her puppet-maker father imprisoned and the land of Tavia on the brink of war, Pirouette does not have a choice other than to follow the ruler’s whims. But when he discovers her secret – that she was once a puppet brought to life by the magic of the blue moon—he demands that Pirouette create an assassin out of wood and then make it come alive.

Fighting against forbidden magic and racing against the rise of the next blue moon, Pirouette cannot help but wonder, if she is making a masterpiece…or a monster. And if she is making a monster, what does that make her?

My Thoughts:

This book was ~good~. Yes I know, I am so very descriptive, thanks for noticing. What I mean is, there is nothing “wrong” with this book, I had no issues with it, I was able to read it in less than three hours and I’m glad I did. I honestly love books like this one. I have a feeling that everyone does. Books that are comfortable to read, don’t leave much to think about, aren’t disappointing or overwhelming and are just there to remind you why you love reading.

The Puppetmaster’s Apprentice is not a novel that I will be talking about for years to come(let’s be honest), but it is one that I want to talk about right now. Everything about this novel fits just ~right~. The characters, the plot, the world it was set in, the writing and the relationships were all well thought out. Not to mention, who doesn’t love a fairytale retelling?


Pirouette is the most innocent and lovable character I have ever met. The reader is promptly introduced to this gifted apprentice, and we follow her as she navigates the hardships she is confronted with. The descriptions and detailed writing enable the reader to truly visualize the beautiful artwork that Pirouette creates, and I found myself vividly picturing it while reading.

I strongly believe that the relationships in this book, whether it be Pir’s connection with her father or her romantic relationship that carry the novel. This is DEFINITELY a character-driven novel(in my eyes), and the authentic side-characters and the prominent themes of identity and loyalty make a charming book.


The Puppetmaster’s Apprentice had a solid and mesmerizing plot. As I’ve already mentioned that this book is heavily focused on characters, the plot was more so just “there“. Don’t get me wrong, the plot compliments the characters, and flows so well(something I was NOT expecting). But it isn’t anything special. I don’t want to spoil the book by going any further, but trust me, it’s worth the read.

Overall, I urge those reading this post to check this book out. Whether it be because you love fairytales, or dark retellings, character-driven novels, or are in the mood for a light and wellwritten read, READ THIS BOOK! I would recommend The Puppetmaster’s Apprentice to the ages of 15+. And now that you all know just how much I enjoyed this book, here are some quotes that I loved:

Favorite Quotes!

I can almost feel myself slipping through the wooden controls, sliding down the strings into the armature. Voices bubble up out of their faces and, just like that, a story is born.

But it always seems happiness only ever hovers near, a wisp of flame ready to vanish with my next breath.

When the warm imprint of her hand disappears and she turns back to the stove, I am struck by how immediately I feel its absence.

He doesn’t speak, just watches me, as though he’s marveling at me, seeing something beneath my skin that I have never seen, something rare and precious. It’s a heady feeling, watching someone see you in a way that you cannot see yourself.

About The Author

Lisa DeSelm lives happily with her husband and two daughters in the wilds of suburban South Bend, Indiana. When she is not writing, you will find Lisa working as an art director and designer, most likely daydreaming with a cup of tea in hand. The Puppetmaster’s Apprentice is her first novel. Contact : Instagram // Twitter // Website

Thanks for reading! Is The Puppetmaster’s Apprentice on your tbr? What debut novels are you planning on reading?

18 thoughts on “The Puppetmaster’s Apprentice by Lisa DeSelm – Blog Tour Stop”

  1. Wow, this is a great review! I loved how you described everything and I look forwards to reading more of your reviews in the future! This sounds like a pretty fascinating book, I may have to check it out! And the cover is absolutely gorgeous.

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  2. Pinocchio has never really been a favorite of mine (that Disney classic was just straight up weird…) but I’ve been seeing The Puppetmaster’s Apprentice EVERYWHERE and consider me seriously intrigued. Also, I’m a sucker for gorgeous covers and WHAT a cover indeed! I loved reading your review, Erin! 💙

    Liked by 1 person

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