Book Review – The Thousandth Floor Series : A Review in Gif’s✺

Hello Bookworms, I have a love-hate relationship with Katharine McGee’s novels. I have ~proudly~ expressed my distaste for American Royals, but have never talked about The Thousandth Floor series on my blog. I bought the first book in the series a few years ago as a spur of the moment decision. There wasn’t anything that particularly pulled me to the books, but I’m glad I decided to reread them. And it turns out, they became a series that I can always go back to and reread, I adore the characters, and it’s a fun, light-hearted read.

Book # 1 : The Thousandth Floor by Katharine McGee

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This first book was ~slightly~ problematic, but overall was such an entertaining read. I don’t know WHAT McGee did with this book, but she did SOMETHING right, because everything FIT! The characters, the plot and the writing all meshed perfectly.

Book # 2 : The Dazzling Heights by Katharine McGee

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This book just checked ALL the boxes. Gorgeous cover, CHECK, lovely and charming characters, CHECK, drama, OH YES!

Book # 3 : The Towering Sky by Katharine McGee

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This turned out to be such a stunning series with such a SATISFYING ENDING! (I mean don’t you love it when you aren’t dissatisfied!?) No part of this series was disappointing, Katharine McGee delivered what I anticipated and so much MORE!

Thanks for reading! Are you a fan of Katharine McGee’s novels?


21 thoughts on “Book Review – The Thousandth Floor Series : A Review in Gif’s✺”

  1. Oooh I loved the reviews and the GIFs used too!! I haven’t read any of Katherine McGee’s novels but now I want to try them out! They look really good!!🤩 Thanks for the reviews!💖

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  2. Okay I admittedly loved American Royals but haven’t read The Thousandth Floor books….maybe I should give them a try? I lowkey feel like American Royals was a fluke and that if I try any of her other books I won’t like them, but I have no idea why I think that….also loved the format of this, the gifs are *chefs kiss*

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    1. I first read these books a few years ago before i was in the book community and then recently I read American Royals and…hated it…lmao ahhh! But I hope you give them a shot, they are kind of like a guilty pleasure for me because of the plot and just the way it’s written. I hope you do love it though! It’s definitely rlly unique, i still haven’t read anything like it. and THANK YOU SO MUCH erin🥰💙

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