The BEST book tropes of all-time – I will duel you if you disagree

Hello Bookworms, let’s talk… tropes! We all have our personal preferences, and a few we can collectively agree on, so here are my FAVOURITE tropes! Ultimately, this is another call so that I can have an actual enemies to lovers in real life. Please, could a very attractive male resembling either Percy or Cardan enter my life asap. Thanks.

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Enemies to Lovers

Guys. Let’s not lie to ourselves. This trope wins it all. What does it win you may be asking? Everything…my house, my car….of course, I have neither of those things but still. Anyway, the ONLY thing better than this trope is going from friends to enemies to lovers…I mean COME ON.

Healthy Sibling Relationships

Now, when I say healthy I mean…healthy(fighting and top tier insults included). I cringe at ~nothing~ more than I do when I read a book in which the siblings are the best friends, are SO nice to each other, offer the BEST advice, and it’s basically all just ponies and rainbows. I have a sister folks and let me tell you, there’s definitely more to it than just that.

Friends to Lovers

This isn’t technically my favourite trope as it’s quite common, and just not that interesting to me, BUT I need to give it a little shout-out because of my Percabeth baes. They truly proved me wrong on this one, as they do carry this trope on their back.

Parallel Worlds

This is more for science fiction, and is one of the BEST tropes ever! I often think about if there are alternate realities, worlds running alongside our own, and I love reading different takes on this topic.


Anti-heroes, morally grey characters, whatever you call them, any shape or form I’ll TAKE IT! It’s just…..a yes from me. Characters like this are typically so much more complex and well-developed and let’s be honest goody two shoes aren’t entertaining for anyone. A few of my favourite books with this trope are The Female of the Species, the Villains Duology and Six of Crows.

Pirate Themes / Trope

I realized how much I LOVED Pirate books, and how much of a lack of pirate books there are once I read Fable. Please oh PLEASE if you have any recommendations I’d love them!

Strong Females

We can never get enough badass women. My all-time fave has got to be Annabeth Chase of course, but in most of the books I read there is a strong female character, and I am NOT complaining.

Set in College

Another trope I adore is books set in college! I’ve always subconsciously searched out books that are set in the period that I am currently in. So as I am heading to college in September, and gradually transitioning from books set in high school to those set in college/university, I am wanting to read this trope now more than ever! The books from this trope that instantly come to mind are Fangirl and The Off-Campus Series(although I am currently reading many that are in this trope such as The Female Persuasion and The Secret History).

Books about Death / The Psychology of Dying

I’ve only recently started reading actual books about this trope, although I’ve always been interested in it. My most recent read and one that has become one of my ultimate faves is When Breath Becomes Air(full review coming soon).

What are your favourite (or least favourite) tropes? And PLEASE recommend me any books with these tropes! I am desperate.


58 thoughts on “The BEST book tropes of all-time – I will duel you if you disagree”

  1. Ooh! I agree with lots of these. Also, I love your blog name! I’m finding it hard to find books set in university – do you have any to recommend? I know what you mean when you say you try to find books set in the period of life you’re currently in.

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  2. OMG, I LOVE this post so much!!!! 😍😍
    100% agree with you beautiful, especially Parallel Worlds!!!!! I need more in my life 👏🏻 & Anti-Heroes???? YES PLEASE!!!! 🔥 I also love Healthy Sibling Relationships, we need more of that in our books 🥺✨

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  3. hahah, i love the mention of the fighting & screaming at each other as a healthy part of a sibling relationship. i do find reading about siblings competing with each other to be interesting as well, but i def prefer the dynamics when they’re nicer to each other hehe.

    parallel words is such a good trope and yet i think i’ve only ever read one book containing this trope? “a thousand pieces of you”, by claudia gray. i remember really not enjoying it, but i think it had great potential!

    personally, second chance romance has got to be my favorite heheh it’s quite unrealistic most of the time for people to fall back in love again after so many years apart, but hey it worked for jennifer lopez and ben affleck right? hahah

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    1. as someone who is constantly fighting with their sibling whenever they are so nice it just bothers me. ahh thanks for the rec! I’ll be sure to check that one out. and in terms of second chance romance, I’m not the biggest fan but definitely not against it if it’s done well! heheh thanks for the lovely comment lais 💙

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  5. A GREAT list of tropes Erin (tbh love how you described each of them & I think a lot of these are my favorite too), ahh I feel like so many books can fit these tropes. Over time I’ve realized I love antihero stories, if there done well or I like how it was executed! 😂💕

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  6. enemies to lovers is one of my favourite tropes – it’s just soooo good, there aren’t enough words to describe
    also, healthy sibling relationships is a great trope too! i don’t know if this is exactly what you’re looking for but two books that i think did excellent on this aspect are “late to the party” by kelly quindlen and “you have a match” by emma lord – both focus on comparing yourself to your sibling and how that can affect your relationship with them
    i don’t think i’ve read any books that focus on the psychology of death, but one that’s on my tbr that i head peopel talk about all the time is “the midnight library” by matt haig

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  7. I mena, yes, enemies to lovers is definitely the supreme trope and I do agree with the others you’ve mentioned too! I love good sibling relationships (and great friendships too – like found family, anyone?) and omg anti-heroes and their dilemmas and everything about them just have me picking up the book before you can finish the sentence!

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  8. I’m a huuuuge fan of enemies to lovers too! Can’t get enough of this trope TBH! Also healthy siblings trope is like, an elite trope, okay? That trope just elevates stories to a whole new level! Also, I’m a sucker for strong female leads! Duh! Haha!

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  9. Loved this post! My favourite trope has to be enemies to lovers but I love how you mentioned healthy/realistic sibling relationships because it made me realise how much I actually seek them out in the books that I read 🙂 I also have to echo your thoughts on books set in college/university – I finished high school a year ago and uni just feels more relevant to me now 😅

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  10. I agree with all of these!! Well, all of these except the parallel worlds one, which I’ve actually never encountered in a way that I liked 😅 There’ve been a couple of movies where I thought the trope was well done, but books, not so much… I do love all the others, though! Although my absolute favorite thing is always when people disguise themselves to get access to places that would otherwise be denied to them. Like a girl pretending to be a boy to get an education or become a warrior. Or a royal sneaking out as a servant to get to know their people better. I’m a sucker for that kind of stuff!

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  11. I haven’t read much science fiction so I don’t know about parallel worlds trope but it does sound really cool to read about!! I will hopefully be attending university this september/october too and so I’ve been a bit obsessed with books set there for the past year or so and I so badly want to read more! Especially dark academia books, the secret history is on my tbr and its a bit scary becauses its so big but I really want to read it. Also for pirate book recommendations (another trope that I recently fell in love with) you might like Black Sun!! Its an adult fantasy, its super queer, theres different POVs and one of the main characters is a ship captain, and she’s amazing (also fits into the badass women trope, I love her so much) half the book is sea travel/pirate crews/navigating with stars and the fantasy elements were GREAT and it was such an amazing book. This is a great list of tropes by the way I agree with a lot of it 🙂

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    1. ahh thank you so much! you should def check out sci-fi it’s one of my fave genres. i’m planning on reading secret history too, i kind of don’t LOVEEE dark academia books, i enjoy the atmosphere more so sometimes it’s hard for me to get through them(i always need to buddy read them haha). ahh ty for the rpirate book rec! def will be adding that to my tbr. thanks for the lovely comment!

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  12. I take that you’re a Percy Jackson fan! Sweet!😁
    I’m not a big fan of the friends to lovers trope but, yeah, Percabeth made it valid.
    I just LOVE when there are badass women in a book, women that kill it everytime!!
    This was an amazing post, and I really had fun reading it.😊😊

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