The beautiful animals of Türkiye

Hello, Bookworms, I recently returned from a trip to visit family in Türkiye and of course, I took many pictures of the lovely animals over there. I have a few posts coming to my blog regarding the trip, including more photos and recipes! These were all taken with my iPhone XR(unfortunately…my camera is not the best, so I had to resort to using my phone); if anyone is knowledgeable about cameras, please comment below; I NEED some advice.

Just a bunch of cuties…

All the animals pictured here are street animals; for those who are unfamiliar, in Turkey, there is an immense cat population(mainly in Istanbul). Locals feed these animals, and the country has a no-kill no-capture policy. In particular, the dogs have tags attached to their ears, showing that they’ve been vaccinated regularly.

These animals are not only protected by citizens but by Turkish law.


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