Author Interview – Lillie Vale

Hello Bookworms, I am thrilled to chat with Lillie Vale, the author of The Decoy Girlfriend! This novel is released in just a few days, so keep reading to learn just how the book was constructed, revised and drafted! Erin : What is a significant way your book has changed since the first draft?  Lillie… Continue reading Author Interview – Lillie Vale


Author Interview – Olivia Rose Darling ★

Hello, Bookworms! I am so thrilled about the author featured in today's post; an incredible writer, beautiful woman and absolute queen, Olivia Darling. We initially met on bookstagram almost two years ago…perhaps..(my memory is so bad, guys), and she's shared her entire writing journey online, up until her first book, Fear the Flames coming out… Continue reading Author Interview – Olivia Rose Darling ★

Author Interview – Amanda Foody and Christine Lynn Herman ❖

Hello Bookworms, I am so so excited to be featuring these two marvellous authors on my blog! Amanda Foody and Christine Lynn Herman collaborated and wrote All of Us Villains, a fantasy novel releasing on November 9th! If you read my mini-review, you know just how much I enjoyed it, and it means so much… Continue reading Author Interview – Amanda Foody and Christine Lynn Herman ❖

Author Interview – Taylor Adams☾

Hello, Bookworms, I have been on a thriller reading rampage recently, and No Exit had a huge part in my recent obsession. This book…..GUYS, IT IS SO INCREDIBLE, ANYTHING I CAN SAY WOULD NEVER DO IT JUSTICE! So you can imagine how delighted I am to be interviewing the author of this amazing book, Taylor… Continue reading Author Interview – Taylor Adams☾

Guest Post – Alex Finlay☀︎

Hello Bookworms, I am so thrilled to be sharing a guest post(my first one ever!) on my blog! Thank you so much to Alex Finlay; author of the marvellous thriller Every Last Fear for being a part of this. This book is a must-read for thriller and mystery lovers, and beware…it's incredibly addicting. Like most… Continue reading Guest Post – Alex Finlay☀︎

Author Interview – Alex Light☆

Hello Bookworms, I had the utmost pleasure of being able to interview Alex Light for today's post! The author of The Upside of Falling(she also lives in Toronto - Canadians unite🥰) Alex spoke about her unique journey of writing on Wattpad to publishing her first book! Keep reading to get inside information on Alex's writing… Continue reading Author Interview – Alex Light☆

Author Interview – Laurie Elizabeth Flynn✦

Hello Bookworms, if you couldn't already tell, I love doing author interviews! Not only do we as readers or writers get an insight into their processes, but it can create a deeper meaning or connection to a book we already love. Today's interview is with Laurie Elizabeth Flynn, author of Firsts, and The Girls are… Continue reading Author Interview – Laurie Elizabeth Flynn✦

Author Interview – Caleb Roehrig ♢

Hello Bookworms, Death Prefers Blondes was one of the most entertaining novels I read in 2020, and it makes me so happy to be interviewing him today! Caleb is an extremely talented author, and I KNOW that his novels are CRIMINALLY underrated, so EVERYONE BETTER BE READING HIS BOOKS AFTER THIS!! So keep reading to… Continue reading Author Interview – Caleb Roehrig ♢

Author Interview – Wendy Heard☽

Hello Bookworms, if you haven't heard of the name Wendy Heard…WHAT ARE YOU DOING!? Just kidding! I had the pleasure of interviewing Wendy, and we conversed about her upcoming release; She's Too Pretty to Burn, some of her writing quirks and most importantly, her favourite bread recipe(I cannot wait to try it out!). Now enough… Continue reading Author Interview – Wendy Heard☽

Author Interview – Hayley Krischer ☆

Hello Bookworms, I'm delighted to be speaking with Hayley, and bringing this interview to my blog! Hayley's debut novel; Something Happened to Ali Greenleaf, is a powerful and stunning novel that you should ALL check out. Today, we chat about Hayley's favorite novels, how she came up with the idea for this novel and how… Continue reading Author Interview – Hayley Krischer ☆

Author Interview – Annie Sullivan☸︎

Hello Bookworms, I LOVE interviewing authors, hearing "inside" info on their book and just chatting with them in general! As apart of this blog tour stop for A Curse of Gold(A Touch of Gold #2) by Annie Sullivan, I am talking with Annie! We talk about the process of writing A Curse of Gold, how… Continue reading Author Interview – Annie Sullivan☸︎

Author Interview – Sasha Laurens♡

Hello Bookworms, today's post is one that is very new and exciting for me! I have longed to interview an author for the longest time, and today's post is an exclusive interview with Sasha Laurens, the author of A Wicked Magic, a new YA fantasy novel. We are going to be discussing her new release,… Continue reading Author Interview – Sasha Laurens♡