A couple of quotes to inspire you..

“We are all apprentices in a craft where no one ever becomes a master.”
—Ernest Hemingway

“If a nation loses its storytellers, it loses its childhood.”
—Peter Handke

“To defend what you’ve written is a sign that you are alive.”
—William Zinsser, WD

“The greatest part of a writer’s time is spent in reading, in order to write; a man will turn over half a library to make one book.”
—Samuel Johnson

“Write. Rewrite. When not writing or rewriting, read. I know of no shortcuts.”
—Larry L. King, WD

“Anyone who is going to be a writer knows enough at 15 to write several novels.”
—May Sarton

“I think all writing is a disease. You can’t stop it.”
—William Carlos Williams

“A book is simply the container of an idea—like a bottle; what is inside the book is what matters.”
—Angela Carter

“Writers live twice.”
—Natalie Goldberg

An Abundance Of Katherine’s By: John Green

Colin Singleton is a 17 year old who is afraid that he is no longer a genius. And over the span of his life he has dated nineteen girls all named Katherine. But when he is dumped by Katherine XIX, Colin and his friend Hassan go on a road trip so that Colin can feel whole again.

I would recommend this book to young adults(ages 14 and up) who enjoy John Green’s style of writing, and love funny books. One of the reasons I enjoy this book is because of the interesting and hilarious footnotes. The theme is young adult fiction, romance, relationships, being unique, happiness, and knowledge. This is not one of John Green;s best novels but is definitely worth reading.

John Green is an author, screenwriter, vlogger, producer and actor. He was born August 24 1977, and has won the 2006 Printz Award for Looking For Alaska and The Fault in Our Stars was number one on the New York Times Best Seller list in January 2012. He graduated from Kenyon College with a double major in English and Religious Studies. He now lives in Orlando, Florida.


“Fully fun, challengingly complex and entirely entertaining.” Kirkus, starred review

“Laugh-out-loud funny…a coming-of-age American road trip that is at once a satire of and tribute to its many celebrated predecessors.” –Horn Book, starred review

“Funny, sweet, and unpredictable.” –The Minneapolis Star Tribune

Holding Up The Universe By: Jennifer Niven

Libby Strout, America’s fattest teen is not hiding anymore and is finally ready for high school.

Jack Masselin has a secret; he cannot recognize faces, even his loved ones.

When Libby and Jack meet, they are yet to understand that both their worlds have been changed forever.

I would recommend this book to the ages of 13-15 or people who enjoy Jennifer Nivens style of writing. What made this book unique, was that it highlighted both of their insecurities and that allowed the reader to connect their own lives to those of the characters. And though all the readers might not have the same problems as Libby or Jack, we all have something that we are afraid of. This book tackles obesity, prosopagnosia, and love all in one. I highly recommend this book, and this is definitely would be on my list of “books to read before 14”.

Jennifer Niven is the author of “Holding up the Universe”, “ All The Bright Places” as well as four adult books,  three non-fiction books, and much more. She was born on May 14th, 1968 in North Carolina, US. She has one the “Goodreads Choice Awards for Best Young Adult Fiction”, and is very successful.  She is the founder of “Germ Magazine” for high school readers and now lives in Los Angeles.




The assassins blade By: Sarah J. Maas

At age 16 Celaena Sardothien. After going on a new mission and disobeying her master; Arobynn Hamell, Celaena is in a tough spot. When her master harms her and the ones she loves, it must stop now. What lengths will she go to to save her loved ones?

I would recommend this book to the ages 13-14, for those who love fantasy, danger, secrets and cliffhangers. In these 5 novellas, which are a prequel to “The Throne Of Glass”, the readers can discover her dark past. It tells us more about her character, how she grew up, and why she does not easily trust the people around her. I really fell in love with not only this book, but the entire series, so make sure to stay tuned for the other reviews.

The biography of Sarah J. Maas is already done in my review about :”The Throne Of Glass”

Praise for “The Assassins Blade”:

“Fans will delight in this gorgeous edition….Action-packed and full insight into Celaena’s character….What a ride!”

-Booklist online

Make sure to check out Sarah J. Maas’ website: http://sarahjmaas.com/

You can also contact her from her website; to ask questions.




The Crown Of Midnight By:Sarah J. Maas


After becoming the king’s champion, Celaena still does not serve the king. Even though she hides her lies and secrets, she will not be able to forever. She soon realizes that even if she tries her hardest she cannot save everyone. And letting go has never been easy for her. So one night, when everything is put to the test, Celaena will finally see who she is actually fighting for.

Perhaps you have heard of this wonderful exhilarating book through your friends, at the bookstore, or on the internet. Well this fantasy full of suspense, betrayal, magic, love, and assassins, is a MUST read for teenagers. That is why I would recommend this novel to the ages between 13-15. Sarah J. Maas continues to surprise me and keep me on the edge of my seat during the entire book. Another reason why this book is one of my favorites is that during the book Sarah J. Maas switches perspectives every chapter. I love it when authors do this because the reader can experience how different all the characters feelings and emotions are.

Since I have already written a book review on Sarah’s other book, “ Throne Of Glass” , I won’t repeat her biography.

“ A thrill ride of epic fantasy proportions” – USA Today

“The plot is riddled with intrigue and the fighting comes thick and fast. Crown of Midnight does not disappoint” – Dark Readers

“A rich and powerful sequel that will be loved by Throne of Glass fans everywhere!” – Praise for ‘Crown of Midnight’, Bookworm Blogger


The Memory Key By: Liana Liu

Lora doesn’t know if it’s a blessing or a cure when she can perfectly remember everything. She knows that her memory key is broken,but after her mother’s death, her family has never been the same. So is this her chance to fix everything?. Or should she get her memory key fixed before everything comes out of control?

I would recommend this book to the ages 13 and up. This novel is about love, friendship, trust, science, and family. I enjoyed reading this book because it takes place in the future, so we can see how the characters act, speak and live in the future. Also, I loved the genre, which was science fiction and it really interested me. Unfortunately, the downside is that the vocabulary and spelling are very light and simple, so a younger audience can read this.

Liana Liu was born and raised in New York City, and is the author of “The Memory Key”. She received her MFA in fiction writing from the University Of Minnesota. Her hobbies include pottery, reading, scrabble, and knitting.

“A fast-paced mystery with a touch of romance” – Voice of Youth Advocates(YOYA)

“Paced like a spy-thriller, this novel is a terrific read for reluctant female readers; they will identify with Lora and the terribly difficult choices she is confronted with.” – Booklist


Throne Of Glass By: Sarah J. Maas

Celaena Sardothien is an 18-year-old assassin, who just wants to be free. After spending a horrible year in the deadly salt mines of Endovier, she is offered a chance to win her freedom. She must enter a competition and beat 23 other assassins to be the king’s champion. But when the other competitors mysteriously get murdered, will she be next? What is the evil that is lurking in the castle? Will she live long enough to know?

I recommend this breath-taking and exhilarating book to the ages 13-15. Because of the strong vocabulary, characters and content. This book is definitely one of my favorites, and I will make sure to write book reviews for the other books in the series. Many famous authors such as Rick Riordan(the author of my all time favorite series”Percy Jackson and The Olympian’s), and Colleen Houck have recommended this book. This fantasy includes friendship, assassins,love, and magic.

Sarah J. Maas is a  New York Times best-selling author of the  ” Throne Of Glass” series. She was born on March 5 1986, and published Throne Of Glass in 2012, and has been published in 35 different languages. She writes young adult science fiction, and fantasy literature. She is 3o years old and now lives in Pennsylvania with her husband and dog.

“A must-read… Sarah J. Maas has created a truly remarkable heroine who doesn’t sacrifice the grit that makes her real in order to do what’s right in the end.”

— USA Today 

“Fans of Tamora Pierce and George R. R. Martin, pick up this book! The assassin heroine’s growth and multilayered secondary characters are amazing.”

— RT Book Reviews, Top Pick

The Heart Breakers By: Ali Novak

Stella loves her sister, and now that she is sick she will do anything for her. Even stand in line for hours for an autograph from the band she hates the most; The Heart Breakers. But when she falls in love with the lead singer, and spends time with the band, she has to decide; should she be having this much fun, when her sister is dying?

I would recommend this book to the ages 12 and up. The vocabulary is light, and the book is only about 300 pages. I do not usually read romantic books like this one, but when my friend recommended it to me I had to try it. This novel is a good read, and I did not regret reading it.  This is a fictional book with romance, music, family, friendship, and adventure.

Ali Novak is a 24 year old who writes young-adult fiction novels. She wrote her first novel at the age of 15, and hasn’t stopped writing since. She is a graduate from the University Of Madison Wisconsin Creative Writing Program. Feel free to follow her on Instagram @alinovak and on Wattpad @falzswimer .

I will always write back By: Caitlin Alfirenka & Martin Ganda With Liz Welch

At first, when Caitlin wrote to Martin who lived across the world in Zimbabwe, it was nothing special. They were just pen pals. But then it became so much more, when Caitlin and Martin became best friends and learned things about each other they never could have imagined. Their letters changed each others lives, and they both became better people.

I would recommend this book to the ages between 12-14. The vocabulary is fairly simple, and easy to comprehend, but the content is targeted for a larger age group. ” I will always write back” is a novel that is non-fiction, about social conditions, friendship, and pen pals. This book is a true story and is truly inspiring and heartwarming. I enjoy reading true story with a powerful message, because it informs us and those around us about the world, and how others lives are not as simple as ours.

Caitlin Alfirenka and Martin Ganda are the authors of this amazing novel They have become bets friends through their letter, and still have a strong connection. Caitlin, is an ER nurse who live in Philadelphia with her husband and daughters. Martin lives in New York, with degrees in mathematics and economy, from Villanova University and an MBA in finance from Duke University.Liz Welch is an award-winning journalist who contributed to the novel.