Photography – Türkiye May/June 2022

Hello Bookworms, I visited family in Türkiye for the last two months, and it was an incredible trip. I took pictures...yes, I did. Some could say it was too many; I would say it was the perfect amount. Either way, enjoy! A few pictures from two lovely months : And if anyone knows anything about photography and… Continue reading Photography – Türkiye May/June 2022


12 Books by Muslim or Middle Eastern Authors ★

Hello, Bookworms, I've been thinking of compiling this little list for a few months now, and I've finally stopped procrastinating to do it… So many of my favourite books are by Muslim or Middle Eastern Authors, and they deserve so much more hype. I've included a few timeless favourites, as well as some new releases!… Continue reading 12 Books by Muslim or Middle Eastern Authors ★

Unpopular Opinion : I hate the Fault in Our Stars by John Green

Hello Bookworms, today I will be reviewing the Fault in Our Stars. I know this post is very late, considering the book was published in 2014, but I will finally be expressing my opinion on this book. When I initially read this book many years ago, I was confused by all the rave and excitement… Continue reading Unpopular Opinion : I hate the Fault in Our Stars by John Green

Untitled Poem By Erin R.

Hey Guys! This is a poem thingy that I wrote a couple months ago. hope you enjoy! I'm sorry, I'm sorry for apologizing, I'm sorry for thinking too much, I'm sorry for lying, I'm sorry for talking, I'm sorry for being a burden, But most of all, I'm sorry for being me. You said you… Continue reading Untitled Poem By Erin R.