My Favourite Turkish Foods – a sacred list

Hello, Bookworms; if you weren't aware, I am Turkish, and as a food connoisseur, I take this seriously. VERY SERIOUSLY. This list has been perfected throughout my entire life; it's a flawless list(or close to it) and is genuinely…quite beautiful(even writing this is bringing a tear to my eye). My List of Turkish Favourites :… Continue reading My Favourite Turkish Foods – a sacred list


The beautiful animals of Türkiye

Hello, Bookworms, I recently returned from a trip to visit family in Türkiye and of course, I took many pictures of the lovely animals over there. I have a few posts coming to my blog regarding the trip, including more photos and recipes! These were all taken with my iPhone XR(unfortunately…my camera is not the… Continue reading The beautiful animals of Türkiye

Photography – Türkiye May/June 2022

Hello Bookworms, I visited family in Türkiye for the last two months, and it was an incredible trip. I took pictures...yes, I did. Some could say it was too many; I would say it was the perfect amount. Either way, enjoy! A few pictures from two lovely months : And if anyone knows anything about photography and… Continue reading Photography – Türkiye May/June 2022