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Hello Bookworms, as someone who’s always looking for ways to consume more ethically, I know how hard it can be, especially when services like Amazon are so awfully convenient. But it’s crucial to remember that Amazon, in particular, is very dishonest with its procedures, and consumers should avoid utilizing it as much as possible. This isn’t to say that other companies and large corporations similar to Amazon are any better, but not only was Amazon big before, but this pandemic has truly catapulted its profits. Another plus to shopping ethically and not supporting Amazon is that you don’t enable stinky Bezos!

When we take a closer look at our consumerism practices, it’s also an opportunity to become more self-aware and analyze what we are purchasing and why. Now, as a book lover, I use the library a lot…a LOT. But of course, I love owning some books I’ve read and loved as well, so here are a few more ethical options when talking about book purchasing.

Avoiding amazon is essential, as is recognizing companies it owns and has affiliations with(the Kindle Brand, Audible, Book Depository and Abe books).

Shopping In-Person

  • buying from your local independent bookstore.
  • your library!! – not technically shopping, but do it enough and it feels like it.
  • buying second-hand or thrifted (second-hand bookstores are on the rise, and a much more ethical alternative to even purchasing solely regional)
  • charity or non-profit


New Books (Free Worldwide Shipping) – was created as an alternative to Amazon, and is a quickly growing online bookseller. (U.S, UK and Spain) – an online bookstore with a mission to financially support local, independent bookstores. (UK) – an online network of 360 independent bookstores nationwide.

Blackwells (UK free, paid elsewhere) – another lovely option, especially if you are from the UK.

BookOutlet (Canada!!) – finally some love is shown to Canada. I’ve purchased from here a bunch of times, the prices are incredible, the shipping is swift, and they also have a wishlist option(very convenient when begging for books).

Used / Thrifted – Find used, and rare books on this online marketplace with international shipping. The company values transparency, and is committed to the environment, and promoting independence among booksellers and consumers. – Offering second-hand books with free shipping to the UK, and delivery worldwide.

Craigslist/Ebay/Facebook Marketplace – pretty self-explanatory, I’ve heard these sites have some hidden gems!

Little Free Libraries – find one in your neighbourhood!

Thriftbooks – International delivery on thrifted books! They have an amazing selection, as well as the option to create wishlists.

Powells – Another site with international delivery, but I would recommend this more so if you live in the states, as it has free domestic delivery.

BetterWorldBooks – Yay for international delivery!! Although I have yet to purchase from this page, I know tons of readers who have, and with the choice of creating wishlists, this is another fantastic alternative.

E-Books – simple directory with millions of ebooks!

Rakuten Kobo – I will ride for this company FOREVER!

Audiobooks – for some amazing audiobooks I would DEFINITELY recommend if you choose to, make sure to use my referral code : lfm226798)

Thanks for reading! Have you purchased from any of these online bookstores?

18 thoughts on “Alternatives to Amazon ❖”

  1. This is a great post, thank you so much for sharing! I use Blackwell’s most of the time for my book purchases and, while they take more time than Amazon to ship my way, I love that they are shipping my way!! 🙂

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  2. Great post! Great options if you live in the UK/US/CAN (or Spain in one case). But as a Dutchie I have to stick to Amazon for my English books.
    I tried Blackwells, and it was good. Not expensive, pretty good collection with books. Shipped pretty fast as well. I would definitely also recommend Blackwells if you are in the UK (and before that also in Europe). I also checked out Wordery, but sadly found the books they have lacking (often they don’t have a lot) and they are very expensive.
    But with taxes/VAT/customs changing in 2021 to also count for packages under 22 euro and the UK stepping out of the EU officially… I just had to drop those sites. Haha, and I was just so happy to have found sites, and then of course this happens. XD
    Bookstores/libraries are just not an alternative here as they focus on Dutch and while English can be found in bigger bookstores and bigger libraries it is still not a lot and as for bookstores the prices are just HIGH.
    I will just need to hope we get a good ethical alternative in the EU itself, because that is the only thing I can imagine would work. Maybe someday, I am crossing my fingers! Hopefully then there is also a good alternative to Kindle because sorry, that ereader is the best I have had in the years. XD Whereas others died within 2-3 years, I have had this one for 5+ years.
    Haha, also sorry for the long comment. XD

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    1. Ahh thank you SO much for the lovely comment! Will definetley check these all out, i hope more ethical options surface as well. Hahah no worries about the kindle of course, using them as long as you can is most likely the most ethical alternative anyway! Hope you have an amazing day mehsi!


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