My favourite Percy Jackson book?!?!?!?

Hello Bookworms, if you didn’t already know I LOVE PERCY JACKSON! I mean I obsessively read them for a few years, and now I just have an undying love for them! YAY! My history with Percy Jackson goes back nearly a decade, as I first read The Lightning Thief when I was 8. This post has been so intimidating to make just because I don’t even know where to start. I love PJO SO MUCH that I could talk(and write) about it for hours and even days on end. I finally decided that I would ~TRY~(keyword: try) to decide what my favourite book from the Percy Jackson Series is. (please note that when I am referring to the series/any of the books I mean Percy Jackson & The Olympians AND The Heroes of Olympus). I always mix these two series, because in my mind they are one BIG series. So I will be briefly discussing my opinion on the books(hint: there is nothing negative to say) and deciding which one I like best(FOR NOW). My opinion very well may change in less than 24 hours, yes I am very ~indecisive~.

MOVING ON!!! Here are all the books in Percy Jackson & The Olympians(in order)!

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My Thoughts :

Now here is my attempt at listing these books from favourite to least favourite (don’t hold me accountable😲).

  1. The Lightning Thief (book one): The book that started it ALL. This book follows the life of Percy Jackson, a 12-year-old teen diagnosed with dyslexia and ADHD. Percy learns he is the son of a Greek god, Poseidon and is sent to a “training ground” called Camp Half-Blood to learn how to control and harness his powers. Later, Percy gets caught up in a feud between Zeus and Poseidon as he is accused of stealing Zeus’s lightning bolt and he prepares for a quest to prove his innocence. This book is such a strong first book. It intrigues the reader, and does an incredible job of introducing all the characters, and getting us entangled in this series. I remember reading this book for the first time, putting myself in Percy’s shoes and thinking I was a demigod too…. (I would also play outside with my sister pretending we would travel to the Underworld almost every day….). I was ~slightly~ obsessed, still am!!!
  2. The Battle of the Labyrinth (book four): Even though it’s ~nearly~ impossible for me to list these books because of how much I ADORE them, The Battle of the Labyrinth takes second place. For some readers, they may not have noticed a big difference in writing from this book to the previous one but I sure did. There is just something that I cannot QUITE pinpoint that makes this novel so memorable for me. This is a horrible summary and explanation of my feelings towards this book, but just take my word for it. 
  3. The Last Olympian (book five): This book takes third place, just because it’s the last book in this series so it holds some sort of importance. If you are expecting me to say anything negative, leave now. THERE IS NOTHING NEGATIVE TO SAY! The Last Olympian was an excellent ending to the series, it clarified some mysteries, but sparked enough interest to make another series.
  4. The Sea of Monsters (book two): Now, book two is where I ~really~ got attached to these characters. Annabeth quickly became my fav(and she still is), and the reader got to delve into Percy, Annabeth and Grover’s friendship. The plot of this book revolves around the trio on a quest to save Camp-Half Blood, as it’s protective borders have dissolved and monsters have begun attacking. Every book in the series plays a crucial role in telling the story and transporting the reader to an alternate universe.
  5. The Titan’s Curse (book three): This book wasn’t exactly remarkable in my books. Don’t get me wrong, it yielded all the amazing things you would expect from a Percy Jackson book. With new characters, yet another fastpaced quest, Titan’s Curse is definitely not a book you want to skip.

These books are where I got my interest in Greek mythology and they did shape my personality in some way. Even though Percy Jackson and The Olympians’ writing is a little juvenile for a 17/18-year-old the books are STILL SO GOOD! Reading Riordan’s writing, it’s evident why these books are so popular. The prose could not possibly get any better. The dialogue is on point with each of the characters’ personality and the storyline is beyond impressive.

And here we have The Heroes of Olympus(also in order)!!

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My Thoughts :

This one is going to be SO much harder to list, as this series was written for a more mature age, and IT WAS ALL JUST PERFECT! (if you couldn’t already tell I am pretty biased😳😏).

  1. The Mark of Athena (book three): ATHENA, MY QUEEN, MY MOTHER! As you can tell, Annabeth Chase is (probably) my favourite character in all the books, so when I found out this book was partially NARRATED by her I was VERYYYYYY ecstatic. And there is just something about the cover that is so ~intriguing~ to me. The more I look at it the uglier it gets(oops), but for some reason, I am put under a spell by the owl.
  2. The House of Hades (book four): This book and The Mark of Athena are VERY CLOSE in my “list of favourites“, and I would probably list these both as #1 if I could. The House of Hades was written SO well it should be illegal. This storyline kills me each time I read it, WHY RIORDAN WHY!!! This book just gives me immense chills and happiness all in one.
  3. The Son of Neptune (book two): Any book that is written mostly from Percy’s perspective is going to be a good one. He is such a raw, real and genuinely goofy character that I think it’s physically impossible not to love him. There isn’t much else to say, as The Son of Neptune ends off with another one of Riordan’s classic cliffhangers.
  4. The Blood of Olympus (book five): I feel an obligation not to put this last because it isn’t a “bad” ending to this series. Writing an ending to years of writing, with hundreds of characters and trying to appease millions of readers is no easy feat. The Blood of Olympus perfectly closes the books. Leaving the character’s future up to the reader’s imagination, but also manages to simultaneously write a satisfying ending. The book was not bad, nor was it great. It was a bittersweet ending as all the readers said goodbye to their beloved characters, but we were glad they got the happy ending they deserved.
  5. The Lost Hero (book one): It genuinely hurts me to rate one of these books as last, but it has to be done. The Lost Hero comes in last for me not because it deserves being here, but because all the other books deserve to be ahead of it(did that make sense? probably not). Anyways, this novel introduces loads of new characters, and even if you don’t initially love them, I’m sure you will grow too. Riordan does not disappoint with this entertaining read, as it’s a great start to another wonderful series.

Long story short, this post is a huge fan letter to Uncle Rick so PLEASE ADOPT ME(sorry mom and dad)!!!!

So if I HAD to pick which novel I would bring with me on a deserted island(yes a very creative and unique question I know…). It would be…….(drumroll please)……….THE MARK OF ATHENA(you probably already guessed…smh).

Thanks for reading! Have you read Percy Jackson(the answer better be yes…..)?

22 thoughts on “My favourite Percy Jackson book?!?!?!?”

  1. This is a great post! Okay seriously don’t hate me but I’m one of few people who likes the original Percy Jackson books better than HoO. I enjoyed Camp Halfblood a lot and didn’t like that Riordan just added another camp in…I also really disliked the first two books of the HoO series since they seemed sorta disconnected and I have never liked Jason, Leo and Piper as much as I like Percy, Annabeth and Grover. I’m definitely in the minority on this one. If you had to rate all the series’s by RR that you’ve read what would you say? (hard question, I know).

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    1. First of all any Percy Jackson reader equals my bestie🥰🥰 And I know what you mean about adding another camp, I kind of hated it at the start it felt like we were being replaced🥺😤 And NOBODY will ever top the OG’s let’s be honest!! Also I feel dumb what do you mean rate by RR🥴🥴🥴


      1. Yeah, I mean Camp Jupiter is great and all, it’s just so different…and not the same.
        Oh about rating the books I just meant…he’s written five series’s so I was just asking you to rate the series’s that he’s written that you’ve read. For example, mine is
        1. Magnus Chase
        2. Percy Jackson
        3. Heroes of Olympus
        4. Trials of Apollo (haven’t read fifth yet)
        5. Kane Chronicles (to be fair I read these a while ago and don’t really remember them).


        1. ohhhh gotcha!! okay, a confession I’ve only read the first book from Trials of Apollo, and only two from Kane Chronicles and..only the FIRST Magnus chase book….I really need to catch up.
          So mine would be
          1. HOO
          5. MAGNUS


          1. I see….I read the Kane Chronicles such a long time ago that I don’t even remember them much…oof you put the Magnus Chase books last, lol. I love those books, idk why I like them so much but they’re great. You should definitely try reading them again! IF YOU READ BOOK TWO THEN YOU MEET ALEXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

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  2. i love being late to this post that now it’s actually kinda relevant, since percy’s birthday was just yesterday! i love talking about percy jackson with people, honestly, being one of my favorite series i always have #a lot# of thoughts to share.

    i am surprised you had the titan’s curse as your least, because it’s absolutely my favorite, hahah. i love the characters we are introuced here: bianca, nico, rachel, the huntress of artemis. even though most of this book is spent without annabeth, which is a shame, i love all the things they get involved with and i think it’s a great set up for the darker moments the rest of the series will have.

    the battle of the labyrinth would probably be my least favorite, just because i found it to be a bit repetitive, but i still really like it, especially because it puts percy and annabeth closer and i love them hehe

    hahah, the mark of athena cover is just a shame. and i also was disappointed because there was so much potential for more angst and competition between percy and jason and there wasn’t even that much :/ house of hades and blood of olympus are my favorites. i know a lot of people were underwhelmed by the ending of the last book, but i thought it was so smartly done and i was so happy to have nico and reyna’s pov as they’re two of my favorite characters.

    the lost hero would probably be my least favorite as well. idk, a book without percy is just not the same, i love him too much, hahahah.

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    1. thanks for sharing your thought! once I reread these, I’m sure my rating will change haha. I am just your basic percabeth fan, so any book that centers around annabeth and percy just takes the cake! The cover for the Mark of Athena truly was a shame, there are so many amazing designers and illustrators out there that could have made it SO GOOD! Ahhh and don’t get me started on House of Hades. It’s probably the most memorable book in my eyes. The time Annabeth and Percy spent in there together is just SO GOOOODDDDD! These books will never get old for me.

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